Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Perchant for the Bizarre

I've been sorting my bookmarks recently, trying to get my unfiledset down to zero, or fairly close. It's not easy, and I'm irritatedthat in Mozilla, I can't open two views of the bookmarks and dragbetween them. So, when I want to file my unfiled bookmarks, I needto drag them all the way past their brethren (I have several hundred).Oh well.

Take a look at this.That's the inside of a dorm at MIT. It's very weird, and for people who likeweird, like me, therefore terribly cool.

Bill Gates is coming to CMU to talk about someComputer Science stuff. I don't like him or his company, but he likely will haveinteresting things to say, so I'm hoping to get into his seminar.


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