Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Excessive Rainy Days

Hmm. I don't talk much about money anymore because I'm doing comfortably well and now have reasonable amounts of fluid savings. One of the things that's surprised me recently, on doing my rare looking-at-money things, is that the things that were supposed to be semi-fluid moderate/long-term savings utterly sucked, and that the things that were supposed to be only slightly less fluid than bank accounts ended up being, in terms of return, the best of all. I wish there were a nice way to partition my funds in these accounts (without any fees/other losses) so they have labels and intended purposes, e.g. this is a fund for the next time I need a new computer or maintenance issues, this is a fund for saving for a house if I ever get one, this is a fund for paying tuition for any kids I might have, etc. National City's online service, which will get my balances from all participating places, is really useful, but I'd love to have it be even more powerful, for these kinds of purposes. Hmm.

Update: National City is turning the service off. Very very disappointing. I wonder if there are any other account aggregation services I should look into.

I'm finally implementing some features in POUND that I've been meaning to for awhile -- things like letting users set journal preferences and stuff. Some of these are not quite done yet, but they're on their way.


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