Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Insufficient Superman

There was a building malfunctioning.. hatches, exits to a room, a home,were malfunctioning, and the people trapped inside.. and I arrived witha friend to try to free them. After futzing with the controls, I decidedto use superpowers to free them (as apparently, I had them in this dream).I knew of another friend who could melt things, and was thinking of callinghim, but my friend reminded me that he could only melt things from below,and we had no way to hold him beneath the suspended cube to do his stuff.I could fly, but my powers of flight wern't sufficient to hold someoneelse too. We knew of another guy who had super-strength, and called him,but it would be awhile until he arrived, so I tried using my moderatesuper-strength.. I could dent the walls, but little more. So, I justwalked around the area trying to figure out some way to free them, untilhe arrived and ripped the walls apart. First to come out were 2 runningcats and 2 lizards. I was saddened and disgusted to see that another Iggyhad, apparently in the stress of the captivity, had his head ripped off, andI petted him on the head as his life faded. The people left too, and I lookedsadly at the body of the lizard, wishing I could just place the still livinghead and body back together, prolonging life.

Superman can't fix a car. He'd always get frustrated even trying. I know whatthe unpleasantness of the Iguana was about, and what the insufficiency wasabout.. so let's focus on the incidental. Dream landscapes and ways of living.In some of my dreams, the shadow world dreams, I'm in a twisted version ofreality, a dry parody, rearranged elements of real life, where a largerpopulation huddles together against the darkness, government and global sanitygone. This was another common type of dream.. an endless set of interconnectedcaves, each quite large, with metal grids and stairs connecting homes, cubesraised above the uneven ground. People would not simply make the entire cavehome, as people need to travel the trails between caves.. the gridwork providesthe feeling of safety we all need, the seperation from nature.

This was a good weekend. Debb and I had a fun time.

People the world would be better without... the list has another nameadded.. Terri Carlin. She had filed a class action against Janet Jacksonfor billions of damange because she had suffered"outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury". She's apparently somehick from Tennessee. Isn't America grand? Where people are actually INJUREDby seeing a breast... This lady apparently keeps her eyes shut while in theshower. And, of course, because she had her fragile feelings hurt, she wantsto ban the input. People like her should be ostracised.

Oh, and if you haven't been getting enough right-wing slanted news, try this.It's good to keep an eye on these people.

Visit this site.

Oh, CaliFNORDia, San Fnordcisco, particularly, has, by action of the mayor,granted marrage licenses to gay couples this last weekend.It is unclear, given that the licenses are passed to higher levels ofgovernment which may reject them, if these will bear legal weight when all issaid and done (although some interesting lawsuits may happen), but it's agreat victory to have gotten this far, and perhaps a greater victory yet ispossible if they can, over the objections of BushJr (pbuh), push this over.

Solaris 10 is on its way. I like Solaris,but nothing interesting new is on its way -- what they call N1 Grid promisesnothing that UserModeLinux doesn't. It's cool, and it's great that Solaris hascaught up on this issue. I might start playing more with UserModeLinux if Iget more RAM for my laptop.. but with cutting-edge Linux pushingahead as rapidly as it is, Solaris may eventually be left behind in the dust.Speaking of which, let me take this opportunity to make my opinion known.Gentoo Linux is a piece of crap. I'd rather run Slackware again, or evenDebian, than that crud. Some Linux distros are cool, some are OK, and somejust suck.

It's really interesting to me that an increasing number of medical things canbe done without invading the body in surgery. Here's another article onkilling cancer with sound. I wonder how much surgery in the future will bedone knifelessly...

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