Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Pie Fog

I was eating lunch in a restaurant, and they had been out of key-limepie, so I had ordered something else and eaten it. They then announcedthat the key-lime pie was available, as the chef, who had been in prison,had been let out for a bit to serve us. I dashed up, and grabbed mykey-lime pie, which surprisingly, apart from the crust, was clear. I tooka bite, and it was incredibly good. Just then, I felt the dream begin tofade, and laughed out loud (still in the dream) that I was the only personwho had time to get to enjoy the pie.

More fun existential oddities..

Anyhow, there was a toy in the 80s, a blue seat with handles that you'dswing around and left and right, and the centripetal force would propelit forward. Anyone remember the name of the silly thing? If so, pleaseemail me.

Oh, BTW, you now have another theme you can choose -- look at the themesbutton on the top of the page. If you're logged in, it'll remember itas part of your account, otherwise, it'll remember it via a cookie(which will expire sometime). If it's your thing, enjoy the non-green-on-blacklook.

Tags: blog, dreams

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