Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

White Tunnels

Yesterday, or was it today?I was riding my bike to work/school in the middle of the snowing, andthe sky was white, the land was white... I felt like I was in the midst of the veins of a huge snowman. I'm ... a little bit tired. Rock climbingmakes me sore, and school plus work is tiring. Joy. I am, however,kept afloat by the love of the one I love.

Na klar, a bit of levity helps too.I've been reading about continuing efforts by the U.S. military to simulatethe entire world. It reminds meof some science-fiction novels I read, especially Tad Williams' Otherland series.

I caught wind of this, and feel a deep urge to study andbreak it.

Sometimes you hear about things that make you think,"How the fnord did they do that? That's neat!"This briefly made me think I was having one of those moments,but it turned out to be noting novel. The ability to mark pages of memoryas execute-only is something a lot of other (non-x86) CPUs do. It's a goodthing, clearly, but it's nothing new.. and in the age of modern languages,where data has legs and native code isn't the only code (interpreters andvirtual machines), such techniques are less effective. To be very concrete,big parts of MS Office are written in VBScript, and while you can protectthe VBScript interpreter with such things, that's of little consolationwhen you can tweak the script.. because guess what? It's data, and itcontrols program flow far more than the variable data that was pretty muchthe only kind of data yesteryear. Buffer overflows will still happen,they're just a little bit more restrained in what they can do.

Today, I had a conversation with a friend on IM, and I recalled a priorIM conversation with someone else on the idea of 'vice capitals' forcountries.. He's going to be in NYC this summer working for the ADLthis summer. I suggested that NYC was the vice capital of the United States,in that while DC represents best the special interests, politics, and suchof the United States, NYC best represents the Kultur. He, perhaps jokingly,suggested that Las Vegas would be a better candicate. Maybe he's right --it certainly fits better with the European stereotype of Americans..Things to think about... in what ways are New York City and Las Vegasdifferent and similar?

CNN reported on something that's about 25 feet from my office.

Sadly, it looks like the elections in Iran, although with low turnout,ended up winning a lot of conservatives positions.Conservativism here is alive and well. I won't be surprised if aday comes where it'll be illegal for me to say FUCK in my BLOG, herein the U.S.

Gotta go

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