Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

To Cleveland!

"To Cleveland" is Hardly an inspiring call... but it's where I'll be from tonight to tomorrow night, visiting family.

On Sunday, there will be a march that I won't be attending - the anarchists are having a protest against police brutality. I am unconvinced we have a particular problem with police brutality, especially given how unhinged they were at the last protest I was at - if they were actually injured, it was because they were agressive pieces of cotton. This particular protest ends at a police station, which will probably give them what they want -- police will be there, and they'll be able to push situations into enough frenzy that they'll again be able to claim that the police were acting inappropriately, again being idiots because they would neither be able to keep the peace/prevent stuff from being wrecked/etc any better themselves nor could they reasonably expect the cops to act like robots and not get at least a bit worked up (although usually less than them). Anyone serious about a new social order should realise that police will still be needed in that order (unless their ideas about the new order are utterly impractical) and that ideally many of the same policefolk would continue their role after whatever revolution is planned comes to completion. There's a difference between opposing/resisting some police actions (as I think it's possible to do in a responsible manner) and pointlessly demonising them out of hate. In these protests, there are also the plant-a-flower types, sometimes making me feel I'm the only person there who really has thought things through. That's probably a vanity..

Allow me to also note that while I don't see a problem with the police here or in other locations I've been to protests, this is not to say that there is no problem in other places nor to claim that in all cases things here have been acceptable -- I don't have enough information to make such bold claims.

I've heard some calls for better RSS/Atom support in MediaWiki (and other Wikis), but haven't heard much in the way of ideas on how to actually implement such things (the ideas have been either underspecified or ask the feed generator to do something very difficult and often abstraction-violating for the general case). Right now, the feed support will let people watch the changes for single pages or for collections of pages that have a special meaning to the software (like the recent changes list). I wonder if there are any improvements still to be made that are "low-hanging fruit", and if not, what the best way would be to go for the trickier stuff.

Due to the drier downstairs refusing to spin, my massive wash-everything laundry load last night failed, and so I'm simply putting stuff on hangers over a tile-floored part of my apartment and hoping for the best. Thankfully, I still had a *few* clothes left to wear for the trip. I won't be quite as warm though..


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