Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Big Asylum in the Sky

Afterlife.. is Insanity. So is life really, as we walk our finger overthose lines, those patterns, that compose us in all our states. A simpledivergence from the patterns depicted in reality.. usually little difference,measured on the scales of sanity. Step too far in a random direction, andchances are, the balanced plates of glass tilt, scrape the rough concrete,and eventually shatter. Life guides our finger, so patternwise, life maypersist after death, but we lose our guide to the sane pattern, the hintsof reality. Computational indistinguishability.. beautiful concept. Theintelligence and subjectivity in me, it's the same in my pattern in theabstract as in the physical body I believe I have. You've got to laugh...Fingers tracing patterns, guided by other patterns... The mind has a deepcapacity to make things make sense. It doesn't take notes when it stretchesthis ability more than normal.

It's strange how BLOGs teach us to read backwards.. we start at now, andstep back archive page by archive page, fingers walking the other way.Hey, BLOG reader, you can click on the 'last page' link on my blog, andkeep clicking 'older' (or perhaps these buttons will change with time, andif you're already stepping back to read this, you'll need to figure it out..but then, if that's true, you've already figured it out). So, backwards..Like Piers Anthony's tale of Chronos, or perhaps Pastwatch, byOrson Scott Card. We build and use memories differently, looking backwards, andmoving so quickly.

Ahh, yes, intellectual property is like a fishhook.It can lift you someplace new, but it hurts like hell,once you bite into the license, you'll never own your head again,and you might not've wanted to follow that hook anyhow.

I wonder if someday this will be GE'd into all of us..

Tags: philosophy

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