Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Droopy Sunrise

My sinuses are very unhappy, but it's tied to the wonderful weather.Debb and I saw that Mel Gibson movie, the Passion of the Christ, today.Interesting? Kind of. The movie began to drag halfway through -- oncehe got the cross, it really seemed to took forever for him to get to thecrucifiction site.. he kept falling over, and the movie decided to dotriple-takes of a lot of those falls. I think we spent about half an hourwatching the dude trip and stagger on his way there. Would've been coolerto have given him a Segway for the trip... Apparently, there are a numberof historical inaccuracies in the film too, from people speaking thewrong language to the character of Pilate. Afterwards, we took a nice walkin one of the parks. Debb's sister is due for a baby within the next fewdays, and I'm really happy for them...

So, a subject for future blogging... was the film anti-semetic?


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