Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A tale of two sysadmins

But first,I'm still chewing on the idea of server colocation. I definitely like myvirtual colocation arrangement with Rimuhosting.It's cheap, and I do get a system that's more or less real. However, and thisis a problem intrinsic to UML systems, you get very little disk, and moreproblematic, even less RAM. I have 4G disk and 128M RAM on mine, and frequentlyam pushing the limits of my swap. The cost difference between the $40/monthI pay for it and colocation ($80+/month) isn't that huge, and if I were to usereal hardware, I could actually have a decent amount of RAM/disk in the thing.

Also, next weekend, Debb and I are making a trip to Cincinnati to see asoccer game. Fun!

And now... the tale of .. actually, a few sysadmins.Sysadmin A customizes the hell out of Linux, bypassing the package managerfor most things, adding its own, ill-behaved replacement package managerthat happens to enjoy removing(!) files that it doesn't know about. SysadminA also frequently breaks things, and because all of its strange additions toLinux are undocumented, and a fair number of them are unique to its organization,users, even quite sophisticated ones, are generally helpless to fix problems orinstall additional things they need, and when they do get involved, becausethe system is already poorly documented, they tend to add their own, even morefragile hacks on top of the hacks sysadmin A uses.

Sysadmin B doesn't customizes the system as much, but all the critical partsof the system are wrong, more appropriate for an experimental 'toy' systemwhere the bleeding edge is danced upon.

Sysadmin C is conservative, dislikes software that hasn't been around forseveral years, and follows a very traditional way of how systems should beorganized, deviating from 'vanilla' configurations only after a lot ofpushing.

I'm sad to see that the effort by some to be able to own more types ofinformation in the United States is moving forwardI only hope that the Information Hoarders' efforts continue to be thwartedby Information Liberators :)

Similarly, the prudes are almost done with their push to make obscenitymore finable on radio and TV. Very frustrating.

Tags: politics, tech

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