Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Twists of a Tall Tower

We come, as called, from the corners of the earth, to rebuild thetower. The spot, long barren and empty - amusement, almost as if theprophecy was real. Rodents, moles, worms, we converged on the spot,and crawled up, and down, and the earth did slowly give birth tothe outline, a finger at first, then we carved the fine details, andcontinued to push. The tower rose into the air... and began to droop.We think maybe if we pack the earth harder, make stone, it won't havethis problem...

I just had a really interesting conversation with someone at work,who happened to be thinking along many of the lines I have regardingintelligence as a pattern, materialism, and subjective thought insuch a system. As usual, on the topic, I enjoy tweaking the nose ofBuddhism as I lift a few useful ideas from it. Oh Buddha, you werewrong in so many areas, and where you were right, you can't claim toown the idea, and keep me from putting it to better use. Anatman,impermanence, a few other things, and I'm gone, back into the night.

Last night, I went to the Humanist Community meeting, and heard aboutmortality, and it put my mind in motion.. so many strands, ideas,people, .. impressions... build this temple... how could a Buddhisttemple ever be built? ... Defying impermanence? Can we eat thefruit and its wrapper? Stay within the boundaries, yet waltz whileyou do so... place a hand outside, admire it turning into a staticbuzz, and then return... and then that classic fade, the topcollapses, and then the sides... Is it a lesson on attitude orgoals? And then we tilt... no longer time for such things.


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