Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Six Shoes Later

Yesterday, there was a peace rally in Pittsburgh.Debb and I went, and we saw .. well, a lot of really liberal people.Rallies arn't exactly my thing -- they did have the traditional chanting,which smacks a bit too much of groupthought for me. It was, however,interesting, and I took some photos... that I'd show in this entry, butI think I left both of my CD-readers (that I need to transfer data from mycamera) at work. It's funny, reflecting on it, how much easier it is totransfer data from digital camera to computer since I decided not to botherwith directly attaching the camera -- the media-readers are so much moreconvenient, and are more reliable.

Postnote: Adding this in:
Anyhow, while at the march, I picked upa copy of International Socialist Review magazine, which by its title is probablygoing to be interesting.

Oh, you might be amused by the title and/or content of this:Zombies push Jesus from Top of North American Box OfficeActually, thinking about it, I guess Jesus, in Christian mythology, kind ofqualifies as a Zombie. It would be an amusing twist of the stories to have theJesus story, in a movie, portrayed as usual up until the crucifiction, andthen after the boulder is rolled back, a grey Zombie-Jesus would come outand say "Braaaaains!" and proceed to go around killing people.

This weekend, I learned that the American legal system is not as'philosophically clean' as Political Theory, that it might not evenvalue the concept, and that what are reasonable assumptions in PoliticalTheory don't really apply in it. I also got a pair of climbing shoes(Expensive!), a climbing harness (not too expensive, and the most importantpurchase), and 2 carabeaners. I unfortunately forgot to get an ATC whileat the shop. Oh well.

Today, we saw Osama, a really fascinating film.

Finally, the news in brief:Not to be outdone by the Episcopal Church, the Methodists have their owngay controversy.

Do you really want to buy wireless service from people who don't know 802.11g from 802.11a?

There's nothing like some friendly (legal) rivalry.

And, of course, there appears to be some interesting vigilantes on the otherside (than I am) of the Intellectual Property debate.


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