Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Terminus Interruptus

I had a dream that I was a deity, wandering the world. I was waiting.. forthat one moment, to declare the beginning of the end of the world.. and Ifound it, that one spark of anger, the last act of humanity. I withdrew toa cabin from the city, remarking on my path there to passers-by thatit had begun, before space rippled around me. I stayed for awhile, waiting forthe effects to build, from the tiniest scales of the bacteria to the humanlevel. And I rested a little longer than I should've, but got back to thecity eventually. Buildings were falling, the ground was opening, and peoplewere in fistfights left and right. Armageddon. I lifted my pocketwatch inthe midst of the chaos, swinging it back and forth, not glancing much at thestopped hands, the end of time. And then.. some bus tires squeaked. Immaculatelyclean busses .. with strange devices on top, had pulled into the city.. peoplestepped out, and I immediately felt.. 'they're not my people'.. these peoplewere not of those I had watched, felt, known every breath... They started towade into the crowd, pulling people onto the bus.. and then a bus, full ofpeople.. my people.. disappeared. I felt their departure like a physical blowto the head.. they had somehow left the universe, and I couldn't hear themanymore. I stepped up to one of the lines of attendants near the mouth of oneof the busses, lifted one of them up, and threw him several feet across thechaotic, messy intersection. I twisted another in half. I stepped up to one ofthe muscled security types, and having been in my current form for hundreds ofyears, and ordinarily not using my deific powers much, I felt a bit strangedoing it, but I lifted him, and threw him a long enough ways off that I didn'tsee him land. These were my people, this was my universe, and noone was goingto take them away, or change the end I had planned for the story.

It was a strange dream.Oh, yeah, here's an article on how improvements in battery technologyfor portable devices is important. While the summarized concept is good, thearticle is horrible. I've occasionally read things by the author before(Michael S Malone), and they were all similarly bad. His style is pitifly bad ;he's drawn like a moth to catchy and stupid misunderstanding of the things he'stalking about. In short, he's a typical tech/biz journalist -- clueless andcatchy. In this case, his dumb idea is based on Moore's Law, an observationthat CPU speed tends to double every 18 months or so (the 18 has been fudgeda bit over the years..), and suggesting that we need a 'second moore's law' for'overall net efficiency' of a system. The surface idiocy is that Moore's Lawis an observation, not a manifesto. It's stretching things too far and justsounds dumb to bridge that. Secondly, it's lame wannabeism to want to tag it onas Moore's second law. Mr Malone, tag your own shameful name onto it, make itMalone's law, and then when we're laughing at it, we'll at least be laughingat the right person. The deep idiocy is that the 18 month figure is industryspecific, and was tweaked several times to tune it to the state of progress.Hoping it to match 'overall net efficiency' is silly.. and while we're at it,what exactly is 'overall net efficiency'? Is it measurable? It would've beeneasy for Malone to use a measurable quantity to metre progress, but instead hehad to go make up a vague term. To top off his article, he makes vaguecalls for improvement across the industry in a number of unrelated areas."As Moore's words suggest, inefficiency is a system problem that can besolved only with system-wide solutions".. Oy, it's rare you come up with somuch stupidity in a single sentence. Moore's words suggest nothing of thesort -- he was talking about a different domain, and wasn't even suggestinganything analogous for this domain. Inefficiency is not a problem that canbe solved with system-wide solutions. It's EXACTLY the opposite! Fixingsystemwide inefficiency is done by looking at the fine details, findinginefficient parts, and fixing or replacing them. Malone needs to be visitedby someone with a cluestick. Better batteries would be nice, yes. Journalistswho arn't stupid would also be nice.

A friend pointed me at this.It reminds me of a recent onion article about the same person withdrawing totheir island of doom to hold a tournament.

Tags: dreams, tech

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