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So, there's a debate coming up with PUSH.. April 19th. Unfortunately, Pittends classes early, so I'm not sure if many people from the group willbe around to see it. Anyhow, it's between Austin Dacey (our debator) andPaul Nelson from some creationist enclave. I wish the timing worked out better,but it'll still be fun (albeit embarassing if almost nobody fromthe group is around).

The semester is suddenly drawing to a close... and I find myself very busy withschoolwork. I hope I'm keeping up, but I'm feeling nervous.. and about otherthings associated with this time of year too.

Speaking of which, I just filed my taxes.. online again. I was unpleasantlysurprised to find that I owe(d) the federal government some money...Oh well, at least there's no paperwork, and it all was handled as a flow ofelectrons..

Here's some interesting discussion on the topic of .. well,let's just call it plutocracy. It touches on an area of government action that,despite my no longer being a libertarian, I'm still deeply uncomfortable witheminent domain for financial purposes, and in general the privileges thewealthy and connected are able to extract from the government. Property rightsarn't sacrosanct, but the reasons for invading on them shouldn't, I don't think,include making a lot of money. It also touches on some other kinds of abuses..

Speaking of which, there's recently been some discussion on porn and itslegality. I agree with the article that the anti-porn laws are an anachronism --even though the Miller test might be a good thing to comprimise at, this is anarea where comprimise should not happen. On the same note, conservatives aredoing their best to be a pain in the ass on contraceptive availability. Iguess they really are living in the past, in the years before sex :)

Metroid's coming to the big screen? Gah.

It's kind of funny that the American administration is askingsomeone in Iraq to resign because of their religion .. well, out of context, atleast. It's complex, and it makes you think... about things here too.

Greenland is melting!Of the things America exports, is stupidity the chief?If we export that, we're keeping something for ourselves at least..Better rechargable batteries. Cool.

This is a leader from Martin Luther King Junior.Yes, he's religious, but for this letter, we won't hold that against him -- hemakes some important points on social movements.

Sorry it's a grab bag -- I'm scatterbrained right now.

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