Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Chopstick Symphony

The subtle... it flows around us, elven laughter, or so we say, attemptingto paint over the beauty with our own colours. We envy the nature of things,admire the complexity that created us, and want to paint with the samebrush.. recursion. The closest we get to this perfection is the chopstick.Silver chopsticks, not wood, dance in skilled hands, each with a differentnote. Hundreds form the orchestra, the individual tings form a grand theme.The human mind is a magnifying glass, a concentration and distortion of thegrand complexity.. we cling to our own throats, struggling to achieve the calmwe need is contrary to life itself, or perhaps just our way of being. We wantto move, we need steps, we build elevators. They sit, they breathe, they let goof their focus.

It's been in the cooker for awhile, but commercial crypto is now starting to getsome attention. I can imagine some interesting debates that will take placeon whether this technology should be allowed into the private sector. It isa dangerous technology, and unlike some kinds of advances, does require acontinuous line across the areas it hopes to link. It'd be easy enough for'accidents' to happen to keep cutting that line that a lot of governmentsprobably have little to fear. There are many interesting viewpoints on this --allowing uninterceptable communications harms national security and lawenforcement, but also is seen by many as being something that's a fundamentalright, or at least something that should be sought, for all people. The sametools will be used by terrorists and people seeking to escape oppressivegovernance (often the same thing) as people avoiding laws that squeeze theirindividual autonomy, and the technology provides no means to cut the twopurposes apart. It's like surgery with a thick knife.

This is funny, and weird.This is clever.This is an oops. It's kind of funny too. Read the comments -- the regularpeanut gallery is going on with it's cries of SOCIALIIIIISM!"The concept of property is dead in America"... and other such nonsense.How wonderful, that anything that isn't plutocratic is socialist.I feel so sad that the 'I got away with it, let me keep doing so' isn't anargument that bears weight... *sniff*

Anyhow, like a few other people I know, I'm putting lots of time intoWikipedia. Debb and I are writing articles together. Huzzah!

Tags: politics, tech

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