Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Must ... not ... kill ... car

The check engine light went on in my car, and so I dutifuly brought itto Ford. There were a few other things up with it, and so I had them fixthem too. Now I get to pay $685.50. Did I mention I hate my car? I don'tknow if it's just my car, or cars in general, but it's just amoney sinkhole. Another month where I end up losing more money than I make,thanks to my having my own vehicle. Thank you Ford. I don't need money tolive, to save for a good future, to pay rent, to occasionally have nice food.I'm perfectly happy to just give all of it to you. Go ahead.. take it.. Idon't even want it. Hey, CMU, just mail my paychecks straight to Ford.I really would like to sell my car, and be carless. It certainly would suck whenI need to make trips to Columbus, but I really don't think it'd impact menegatively in day-to-day life. Hell, it'd probably do me good, make me bike orwalk some of the time I'd otherwise drive. And at least then the capitalinvested in the car could be put to better use, like sitting in the bank orsomething, where it would do something better than slowly deteriorate. Capitaleither grows or shrinks, depending on what form it's in... houses and land tendto grow, cars shrink. Bleh. I sound like a businessperson..Stupid car. Grr.


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