Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Water Whips

And, flinging the water forward from her cup, she couldn't help noticing howits path resembled a whip flying through the air, its slap on the pavementthe painful lick. A moment's trip outside to get rid of unwanted water becameseveral trips to feed the mind.

Speaking of whips, people who do this really irritate me.I in fact have a family member who has done this, and it sucks. Fortunately, healmost never drives the (irritating) vehicle, but it strikes me as beingselfish for a stupid reason. Basically, because people 'played the game',getting a lot of education to provide services to society .. well, more oftento big corporations which don't give a damn about society.. people feel thattheir hard work justifies their pollution and use of a scarce resource purelyto stroke their ego. It's just disgusting.

I don't know how they got the url, but isreally funny.

I've made some changes to my bookmarks, as noted a few entries ago, and amslowly going through classifying the unfiled ones. It's working pretty well.Unfortunately, it leaves me with less time to BLOG. Debb and I have both beenspending a lot of time on Wikipedia though.. it's fun tocontribute.

Finally, tomorrow there's a geek race I'll be in.Yay.


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