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Today was a stressful, and then overall good day.Well, yesterday, technically.. bleh. Stressful, because I met with my prof for my research methodsclass to discuss what should theoretically have been a preliminaryanalysis of my results so far, but I don't really have the data fora good analysis yet. I need to find and nag more people to take partin my experiment. Fortunately, I'm actually further along than somepeople in my class -- inconsiderate people from other classes keepreserving the lab room for large chunks of time. She's a nice persontoo, and didn't make a fuss (perhaps because of the condition of peoplewho don't have their experiment programmed yet), although I still feelthat I'm not doing as well as I'd like. I just find it hard to deal withsocial things like nagging people to take part in an experiment.. It doesn'thelp that my experiment is the most demanding of everyone's, requiring peopleto undergo trials on 3 seperate days. It's no wonder people arn't enthusedabout giving me a hand. Then I ran in the Random Distance Run, arace for geeks put on by the CS department. Again, like with the Pretty GoodRace, I didn't run with an expectation to win, but instead with an expectationto complete the thing. Here are the results. Yeah, I'm not a fast runner.. 2 miles in almost17 minutes. I might've been hurt a bit by some confusion on what lap I was onduring my last 2 laps -- if I had known, I would've put a bit more energy intothe last lap.. but it doesn't matter so much. Debb showed up to cheer me on,but had to go take care of other things right afterwards, so I didn't reallyget to hang out with her until much later. She's housesitting for her parentsfor a little over a week, and it's kind of hard on me -- I'm not all thatindependant. Anyhow, the results of the race on me immediately was that I turnedpale, was fairly tired, but didn't really need to stop to rest (went back to myoffice, briefly had some of the free food, and biked home). The slightly longereffects are that I'm mildly sore and a bit tired.. The PGR was toucher..

Fortunately, I got to see Debb a bit later in the evening.

Over the last few years, I've been in a social game called Advocacy. The ideaof the game is that someone designs a ludicrous situation, tells it toeveryone on the mailing list, and they all suggest why that situation is betterthan the normal way of things. The suggestions are collected, people vote, andthe winner designs the situation for the next round. It's a lot of fun.. butthe game seems to be slowly dying -- I think most of the current participantpool is losing interest.. I hope new blood can fix things before it dies.So, if this sounds interesting, follow the link above and join up!

On the way back from Debb's place (I'm hoofing it these days, partly by choice,and partly because my car is still at Fnord), I swung by Coffee Tree (the wireless is still busted), and then on the wayhome, pulled out my laptop, and did a little wardriving .. ermm.. warwalking.Basically, I just had my laptop continually scanning for wireless networks asI walked, and found out 3 things:1) There are a heck of a lot of wireless networks in Squirrel Hill, most of them 802.11b, many of them with funky names2) My wireless network doesn't extend very far outside the apartment, at least in the front3) It's easier to put one's groceries away before walking with one's laptop cradled in one's arms

No mental energy left to keep blogging tonight..


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