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I was reading the almost-most recent issue of Adbusters, and theyhad an interesting article on the growth of conservative groups onUniversity Campuses, and their clash with the traditional liberalism that'spart of University experience. The issue seems to generally be focusing onwhat liberalism means, the heart of it as a political movement, and whereit's going. Some of these issues I wholeheartedly agree with -- anti-nationalismis an extremely important stance to encourage. Patriotism is one of the realdifferences between the american left and right -- the right almost univerallyconsiders it a great thing, while the hard left and parts of the soft leftconsider it dangerous. A related virtue, the desire for internationalism, issimilarly a good marker between the left and the right. Reverence for the pastis another part of what it means to be conservative -- Liberals see women'srights, gay rights, the loosening of religious privilege/restriction, and thelike as good things, and conservatives, to varying degrees, the opposite.Capitalism is one of the areas which, unlike the former, in its division betweenthe right and the left, I find myself somewhere in the middle. Finally, thereare some virtues where I'm considerably less liberal than Adbusters. Not reallya problem for me. I'm bothered by special privilege for liberal view expressionwhen it's there. I don't hate Rush Limbaugh (I do admire Howard Stern a bit more).Finally, the criticism that the Liberals seem to be united by not beingconservatives seems to be valid, but is also true the other way. What doconservatives want? What do liberals want? The notion of political partiesseems to distort the landscape -- society moves over time, conservativeswanting to sustain one of a succession of Leave-It-To-Beaver societiesthey grew up in, all different, and liberals wanting to achieve one of asuccession of cultural ideals they grew up in. The label of Dem or Repubis one they choose at one point, and it then slyly moves their ideas overthe years, until they may disavow their earlier ideas. Always a danger inidentity... Sometimes the more honest folk may switch parties, although thisis like becoming Catholic (or vice versa). Anyhow, to wrap this up, I thinkit's neat that Adbusters is able to do an interesting criticism oftoday's left. Bravo to them -- just like people who are able to showuncertainty when they encounter a new idea, it shows a rare honesty andopenness that's too lacking in today's world.

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