Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Two cats jump, One cat lands

I was in the restroom this morning, and Beefalo and Tortfeasor bothwere trying to jump onto the sink at the same time. They both jumped,had a midair collision, and Beefalo fell back to the ground, whileTortfeasor made it up. Kind of a strange impression.

Another day, another few pages of Adbusters read. This section was aboutan early part of the history of corporations in America, up until thepoint where they were granted 'corporate personhood', something I thinkI now agree was a terrible mistake. Of course, Adbusters is a bit of aniffy place to get one's history from -- I'll need to verify from externalsources before considering it a good source, but it suggests that a numberof states forbade lobbying or attempts to sway public opinion by corporations,on pain of dissolving the corporation. This also seems like a good idea.

Redhat has backed down on SELinux in Fedora2 -- apparently they're worriedthat shipping it enabled-by-default will cause too many problems at this point.They're probably right.. still, I do wonder what would've happened if they hadgone the other way. Maybe when SELinux is more mature...

Back to work..

Tags: tech

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