Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Franklin's Frown

Last night, at Coffee Tree, while doing a bit of work on my essay forNeuropsych, and putting some more imagination into my fantasy blog'sbackground story, the power went out for about an hour. The Coffee Treepeople were left in a bad position -- it's really dark inside the storewithout a light source, and outside of a few peoples lighters, my laptopwas the only source of light.. so I stuck around, despite the internet beinggone, and turned my desktop background white to provide more useful light forthem. Ahh, the laptop as a flashlight... not the first time, and I used mycell as a flashlight too when I went to use the restroom. Anyhow, the powercame back shortly before they were set to close..

I also had a dream last night, where I was in a moderately fancy restaurantwith my friends from high school, but .. we were just standing. Then we startedwalking through the 'staff areas' of the restaurant, back through some moreuser areas, and finally up some stairs, into a really fancy part where we weremostly alone. Caterers and such were there, and we ate, while Matt startedtalking about being engaged and such. I felt bad, because I couldn't rememberwhat the occasion was that he invited us for this kind of thing, and hoped thatsomething he would say would jog my memory.

Tags: dreams

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