Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Return of the Behemoth

Today, I took an adventure -- from work, I bussed to Fnord to get mycar back. Some plusses and minuses..

PLUS: The car is driving more smoothly than it has in recent memory, thanks tonew tires, a new battery, and other goodies

MINUS: I'm experiencing severe motion sickness -- the bus route I was on wasvery bumpy, and something, I think, was up with the Bus's suspension

PLUS: I got some good reading done on the bus

MINUS: The bus, according to its route was very late

PLUS: Fnord will stop nagging me to come get my car

MINUS: My radio/clock isn't getting any power or is otherwise busted, although Ibet they just forgot to reconnect it to the new battery, so I get to nag Fnordnow

EHH: I seem to generally do ok without a car. Maybe that's deceptive though --Debb and I have used her car when we need some driving done, and while we don'tdrive very often, her car is really quirky.

So, it's a mixed bag.


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