Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Rusted Apple

Whenever the microwave in my apartment is on, Debb's laptop loses itswireless connection. My laptop is ok, because its antenna is built into themonitor, and so it's harder for it to be interfered with. Weird.

Isa's BLOG begins.Unfortunately, Livejournal's themes leave a lot to be desired -- the one Ichose, at least for me, renders as a thin strip of journal, with anotherthin strip of other stuff on the left, and a LOT of wasted space on eachside. I could go with another style, but the others don't show a per-entryicon, which I need to distinguish between posts as me and posts as her.Oh well. I just hope her written language form isn't too irritating to read --I've decided that English has largely dropped plurals, has picked up severalwords from European languages, has picked up the german custom of capitalisingnouns, and has dropped 'the'. In 600 years, English will probably evolve aheck of a lot more, ... eh.

I now have an account on GMail, Google's email service. I wonder how well their anti-spam stuffworks.. having posted the email address,, onto here, Isuppose I'll find out soon. Note, however, that THIS DOES NOT CONSTITUTEPERMISSION TO SPAM ME ON ANY OF MY ACCOUNTS. NO NO NO! I DO NOT, WILL NOT,AND HAVE NOT OPTED-IN TO ANY OF YOUR LISTS. My first impressions of GMail are that it's going to be a bit confusing forpeople because it's based around a somewhat different mail model than anyother client I've used, and that model is at least a bit more sophisticatedthan what most people are going to want. In sum, they only have a few actualfolders, which are all predefined, and you establish labels for messages,which are like a second-level organization over the folders, with automagicclassification. This is a distinguishing factor among users -- some userswill use exactly what you give them, some will tweak a list of preferencesyou give them, and some will use the tools you give them to construct theirown order to things. If you visit someone's email client, you can quicklydistinguish the three -- the first kind will have everything lookingexactly as in a first installation, but with data. Their INBOX is generallyhuge. The second kind may have disabled some toolbars/menus, and might havea few custom folders and a signature. The third kind will probably have ahierarchy of custom folders, filters they've written to sort mailing listsautomatically into certain folders, and their client will quite possibly beunusable by people accustomed to the default configuration, with keybindingsand the like.

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