Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Primal Pancakes

I was cleaning the microwave a moment ago, and Tortfeasor (the cat)walked by, his tail moving to close the microwave door on my hand.I suddenly and briefly felt very threatened, angry, and .. well,outside my normal self. For a second afterwards, I felt angry atthe little guy, like I wanted to hurt him.. and then I felt normalagain (and confused at why I felt what I did). I wonder if this isat all like what people describe as primal feelings, or perhapsa very tiny taste of the oddness that some war vets get when thingsremind them of the dark part of their lives. I wish I could analyzeit further, but the impression and feeling is fleeting -- alreadypast.

I recently have also been getting some odd spam -- some randombit of philosophy with links to some spamharvesting site.I guess, when it comes to spam, it's not as bad (for me) ascompletely boring spam..

I installed MediaWiki on my laptop, and moved all the UseModWiki stuffover. While doing so, I came across 2 observations.. firstly, it'sconvenient that the markup in UseMod and MediaWiki are the same -- I wasable to just cut and paste each edit view over. Secondly, the actual processof duplicating the deep, non-tree graph-equivalent structure is quitefascinating to me. In the case of my documentation for the Mustard World,it's possible to impose a tree onto the graph by noting that each node reallyis primarily part of a hierarchy, with its parent being quite apparent fromits title, and the other links to it being less meaningful. I suppose Wikisreally are a good example of the algorithmic issues involved in efficientlycopying arbitrary graph structures -- my domain knowledge had me justtraverse the tree, ignoring links to nodes that arn't primary links. Forgeneral-purpose Wiki copying, that's na klar not good enough. Perhaps insteadeach node could use frequency backlink analysis to determine which parentlinker is *the* parent linker? No, that really doesn't work. Hmm.

Tags: wikipedia

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