Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Review May 2004

I feel that this is another time to make touch with my long-term self andtell the world what's going on in my life in a larger scale. Since I lastwrote like this, a lot has changed. I steadily have added good music tomy life, with one recent acquisition from Bad Religion being something I'mlistening to now, and another from the Plaid Tongued Devils due to arrivesoon. Academically, I'm a bit disappointed in myself -- the professors hereare really great, and the classes are well taught, I just seem not to beabsorbing the material as well as I want. I might not be studying effectively,or perhaps it really is just hard to balance work, school, and sanity, ormaybe I'm still not putting enough effort in. I'm going to keep working onthis -- I'm serious about wanting to build a new career out of this, and Ireally want to do interesting research... perhaps on Acalculia and itsneurological foundations. I just hope I haven't shot myself in the foot bynot putting enough effort in this semester. In other ways, these times arethe best I've felt -- I think I'm having a lot of interesting philosophicalideas (sorry for not sharing -- I will, sometime soon), and for some reasonI feel deeply excited about Wikis. In a lot of other ways in life, particularlypersonality, I think I'm maturing, understanding better why I have problemsdealing with most people, and learning to be more assertive to correctsituations that suck. Politically, I'm becoming more comfortable with being anontraditional liberal, with my libertarian baggage being mostly ditched now.Healthwise, well, I just don't know how I'm doing. I'll wait until my nextcheckup with my doctor to find out. Rock climbing has done a lot of good forme though, I think, but, on the other hand, Debb thinks I'm getting a bit ofa belly. I can't really tell the difference, but I don't want that to happen,so I'm trying, in my own way, to improve my diet -- for the first time I'mgoing to actually start eating diet foods when I think the taste of the dietstuff isn't very different from the nondiet stuff. Moneywise.. well, I'm notdoing great. I still don't have nearly as much money saved as I wish I did,but my car continues to be a financial disaster. I still want to find a wayto get back into making music in some way, even if it's just singing moreoften to myself. It's also nice that summer is back in a big way now --I'm going to start taking evening walks again, I think (hopefully with company,at least some of the time).

"And everything is barely missed,but relations and predicts my expression,my confession, add it up, extract a lesson" -- Bad Religion, "All there Is"

Yes, that's my life, in sum (well, mostly). There are things I really likeabout it, there are some things that are good that could/should get better,there are some things I'm not sure about, and there are some things thatarn't very good.

Oh, some time back, I mentioned a movie that's good for demonstratingattentional blindness. I finally found it on the web.


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