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I had to end it with Debb yesterday.
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I guess this means that I'm going to Martha's wedding in two weeks.Jason's flying in from the west coast, and everyone else is returning toOhio. It's going to be fun. I might also go to Cowtown next weekend -- Ineed to be with friends. Speaking of which, I went to the tree last night withDmitry, and we're likely to be loaning each other a lot of books -- similarinterests, and moderately similar collections.

To make Matlab work on my laptop, I had to install FlexLM, a really irritatinglicense mangler. This makes me unhappy. Speaking of irritants, Miguel, one ofthe open-source people who're known by a single-word Monicker, hasmore clueless and evil commentary. He thinks that theLinux community need not worry, because the rest of the world will forcethe U.S. to go to weaker patents and to use Linux everywhere. He seems tobe unaware that the U.S. is pushing the rest of the world to adopt itsstronger patents *sigh*, and that the U.S. never gave a damn about the restof the world. There's almost no metric system use here, American TVs andcellphones work differently than the rest of the world, and most Americanspathetically never even leave their home state. Of course, Miguel is notoriousfor his pessimism as well, in that he thinks .NET will be big, and is pushinghis open-source implementation of it, Mono, as hard as he can, having writtensome big and useful software in Csharp. I don't know many geeks who likewhat he's done -- it may make sense for businesses, offering them a migrationpath away from Windows, but Csharp really doesn't offer anything Java doesn't,it's in fact less useful, and Miguel's a little bit too enthusiastic aboutit (OTOH, having met Miguel, he seems enthusiastic about almost everything).Moving on to other people with a different view on things, I came acrossthis gem on, as part of a review of David Horowitz's autobiography,and as a time-honoured internet tradition, I shall make fun of it.. well,actually I won't -- it's too obvious. Just make sure you note the qualityof the homeschooling she can give her kids with such poor grammar, and na klarthe traditional threat of the truly backward, that they're going to outbreedeveryone else in a few generations.. Here:

Reading Radical son has now completed a journey I began in 1992. After beingforcibly drugged by the Psyche profession/courts during an emotional breakdownafter giving birth to my first baby, I became very interested in learning howthe psychiatric profession obtained so much power against individual rightsin America. Reading Cleon Skousen's book, The Naked Communist helped me toconnect the Communist link to this ugly reality.

I have studied communism off and on during the intervening twelve years whileliving in The People's Republic of Boulder Colorado as a closet Conservative.I shared my rightist views with other's when opportunity presented over theyears, but mostly I stayed home and read books while nurturing my additionalfour children.

My husband and I have home schooled off and on during these past fewyears - and I would like to suggest to those who feel hopeless about the powerelite's control of our universities, and media not to give up on the parentsof today. We who are educated about these important political issues areraising large families of holisitcally nurtured, gently educated, andun-propaganized children. My best memories of home school are the dailylessons my husband taught our children in American History. We would say thepledge and sing The Star Spangled Banner, and then he would teach the childrenabout our amazing Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and togetherwe testified of our faith in and dedication to the principles of freedom.

The radical leftist's are aborting away most of their children, and in theend, it will be the our children and grandchildren who will be the leaders ofthe future. I have walked in homeschooling and dedicated parenting circles formany years now, and those outspoken leftists who always seemed to dominateconversations, wether we were talking about breastfeeding, politics,oreducation are now somewhat confused and not so confident of their worldview.

David Horowitz's Radical Son is a powerful and passionate rebuke of leftistthought and political activism. I will use it to continue teaching my childrenthe Truth.

I would hope that the older generation of passionate conservatives wouldremember the young mothers and fathers of today who are quietly and steadfastlyteaching our own the principles and practices of Freedom when you getdiscouraged or are feeling hopeless. Thousands upon thousands of parents arehomeschooling and many who have children in public or private school areteaching and sharing these truths in consistent ways with the next generation.I know dozens of families with young children who are committed to Freedom andunderstand the sacredness of our responsibility to teach, promote, and sharefreedom with the rest of humanity.

Please read Horowitz's book if you feel any inclination to leftist radicalactivism. It will cure your of such delusions in a matter of hours.

Jenny Hatch

It's priceless...

Oh, another thought -- remember how U.S. 'peacekeepers' are not to be subjectto international courts, because there was fear that said peacekeepers would beprosecuted due to political reasons? Well, this Iraq prison scandal is theperfect reason why they should be subject to said courts. They're facing acourt martial, and then will likely be discharged and go home. They belong inprison for life, no chance of parole. And, some quick to doublethinkfolks are quick to come up with excuses for the people who did the abuses.."Just following orders""Just a scapegoat""Wrong place in wrong time""I don't believe my sister did what was in those photos""merely posing"No! Being in the military doesn't excuse one from what one does, neither doesany such situation. As a moral agent, one is responsible for one's actions tothe degree that one is aware of them. Asked to do something you won't do?Resign, or tell them you won't do it. Responsibility to one's self is a highercalling, always, than to obey one's "superiors". And, of course, if someone youcare about deeply does something you dislike, don't deny it, learn to deal withit.

The U.S. is looking to spread its aggression to Cuba now.I've increasingly come to the conclusion, based on some readings of the historyof U.S. intervention (spurred but not based on a recent Adbusters article), thatalmost all U.S. interventions in other countries' affairs have been the resultof business lobbying to fight nationalization of factories and the like, andin fact the battle against communism has never been anything but profitprotection, having nothing to do with human dignity. Of course, the fact remainsthat we do have more human dignity in capitalistic systems, but mixed marketsprovide the same thing, perhaps more dignity than either communism as tried andthe relatively raw capitalism in the United States. The U.S. has oftenappointed as leaders of other nations thugs that are far more brutal thansocialist elected leaders... American foreign policy was and is disgusting.Wars, if/when they are fought, should be fought for the betterment of humanity,not fatter pockets.

Occasionally people break ranks in a surprising way..

Russia suffered a big setback recently -- the regional leader was killed andseveral other Russian figures were injured in a car bomb attack. I wonderif Russia will manage to hang on to Chechnya..

Let's end with some humour, and a comic.

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