Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Time to take the Behemoth back to Fnord. I probably get to brave thebusses back, unless they can fix it really quickly. Ugh. Also, was amusedto find that my power strip was accidentally off, and I noticed it justin time to keep my laptop from pooping out (was just trying to charge mycamera, and noticed no blinky charge light). I'm burning a nice new CDto listen to in the car..

  1. Internationale (Original French Version)
  2. Hey Bulldog (Firewater cover of the Beatles)
  3. Pass it Along (Beats version, by Chumbawamba)
  4. Mouth Full of Shit (also by Chumbawamba)
  5. Jerusalem (the classic british song)
  6. Volga Boatmen (classic russian song)
  7. What You See (Oingo Boingo)
  8. South Carolina (John Linell)
  9. Russian History XXX (Plaid Tongued Devils)
  10. Whiner (Plaid Tongued Devils)
  11. I think I'm a Wolf (Plaid Tongued Devils)
  12. Psychopharmacology (Firewater)
  13. All There Is (Bad Religion)
  14. Boot Stamping On a Human Face (Bad Religion)
  15. Electric Dreams (Bad Religion)
  16. Ni Jind (Daler Mehndi)
  17. Internationale (Jazz version)

I hope my new Plaid Tongued Devils CD gets here soon. I'm also likely tobuy the Bad Religion CD that I snagged online when it comes out -- the mp3s Ihave arn't that great, and this CD (empire strikes back) is, by my tastes,their best yet. The massager that I was going to be using on Debb arrivedtoday.. and unlike any other massager I've ever had before, it's actually decentin self-applicability. I spent about 15 minutes today getting my first realmassage in about 4 years. Feels good.

Yes, off to Fnord. Afterwards, I might hang at the Tree.. or maybe take a longbike ride (by my standards, anyhow)...

Tags: music

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