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Cow Snuggles

I made it to Columbus, despite heavy rain and slippery roads. I had something that might be termed an accident, but neither the car nor I were damaged or actually hit anything -- I hit a slick spot, hydroplaned, and was tossed, pinballesque, from the left lane onto the right median, miraculously avoiding large trucks and cars in that passage and stopping just before hitting the guardrail. I was spared from embarassment by passing several accident sites where people were not quite that lucky, including one where a particularly nasty crash managed to knock down some of the giant overhead highway signs (crumpling their poles and summonning hordes of police and emergency vehicles).

I'm presently hanging at Victoria's Midnight Cafe, which does not look that different (but then, not much does). Despite some friends I wanted to hang out with being absent, I have at least a few people to visit while here, and randomly ran into an old acquaintance from my Insomnia days who's been studying to become a jeweler. Among other things, he described a TV show that (surprisingly, for a tv show) sounds like it might even be interesting, called "Heroes".

Some part of me is really happy to be here -- I still remember the area really well, I'm bumping into people I remember, and I still feel like there are bits of me left here from when I was a happier person. Apart from being where my personality finished being baked by University and my first jobs, I also had three relationships here, and connected to those, two traumatic events. In some ways, Pittsburgh has never felt like home (although in most ways, it now feels moreso in that regard than Columbus now). It's also kind of interesting hanging out a bit with my sister Katie, who, I realise, is the same age as the bulk of my acquaintences in Pgh. She has a boyfriend who seems to be a pretty cool guy, which is always nice to see - occasionally I haven't liked my sisters tastes in boyfriends (and occasionally I've regretted when they didn't end up sticking with someone I did like). I suppose being the older brother makes this almost like being a parent, in a way... I wonder if the world will toss another potential romance my way soon, and if I'll be ready for that.

For later tonight:

  • The Garden/The Chamber
  • Buckeye Donuts (to see if Leon is around, or any other folk I know)
  • Katie and her bf's place (Zzz)
For tomorrow:
  • Lunch at Indian Oven with my friend Mac
  • A lake at which I remember hanging out with Debb (also the site of my duck photos)
  • Sawmill Road area (Micro Center, Meijer, etc etc)
  • Hopefully catching up with a few more friends
  • Dinner (possibly at Bento Go-Go)
  • Outland for Goth-Industrial Halloween. A big part of the reason for the trip. Hopefully I'll be meeting up with friends again.
For sunday:
  • Nostalgia (visiting all the places I've lived, walking around OSU campus, other places of emotional significance)
  • Driving back to Pgh (ugh)
That driving back isn't that bad though -- Fnord Foci are considerably more fun to drive than Tauri, and apart from the steering wheel not being adjustable, I dont really mind driving it. Small cars are almost pleasant.

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