Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Judged by Choirs

We enter the concert hall, the voices greet us, harmonies flowing aroundeach other like the coils of Ouroboros, the stained glass windows stunningour taxed mind. A momentary silence, as they turn from the delight in theirmind to regard the defendant, and then the song continues, but differently.We impose on their time -- our investigator steps forward, singing aplain description of all the data we could gather, the group gently wrappinghis words with simple melodies, holding back the subtlety so as not to losea singular voice like his. He finishes, and we wait. They return to theOroboros melody, and then a clear note strikes, is held for a few moments,and judgement is passed. We pass from the hall, the decision made. The Oracle,and the Muses, have spoken.

I find myself wondering about Greek mythology -- the battle of the Titanswith the Olympians, was the purpose of that narrative at one time to explaina change between the polytheistic traditions of earlier folk and of thepeople of the classic greek pantheon? I can imagine the cultural value oftelling a group of people who worshipped the Titans, in order to move themto the new Olympian set of ideas, that their ideas fit into the history ofthe Olympian mythos, and in fact it is the logical continuation of the olderbeliefs (much like christians claim to judaists that christianity is thecontinuation (or "fulfillment", whatever that means in this context) of Judaism,or how Islam claims to renew/be continuous with Judaism/Christianity, or indeedhow Judaism still has little bits left in the sacred texts from the polytheisticproto-Judaism that preceded it).

So, I now have the three currently available Plaid Tongued Devils CDs --Belladonna, In Klezkavania, and Tongue and Groove. Apparently there was aCD that preceded Tongue and Groove that's really hard to find, with the titleof Running with Scissors (remind you of any other album with that title?)..I really like these CDs.


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