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Five Feet Equal 10 miles

So, that was Martha's wedding. What a weekend it's been. The wedding wasn'tvery formal -- it was held at her parents house, with Aug doing the ceremonyin a completely secular way. It was very unique, and interesting.. I bumpedinto someone I knew from a long time ago from Outland (took me a while toremember from where I knew him).. and actually bumped into a number of peoplewho I haven't seen for forever.. it wasn't by any means a complete thing,nor was it 'pure' in this way, but it resembled a meeting of the firstgeneration of SFF. It really takes something special to pull together somany people from all over the place to one location. It made me feel kind ofwisty -- last time I was at Martha's place, it was under very differentcircumstances, and the evoked feelings and memories were odd and uncomfortable..It was a lot of fun, and my traditional gift, blown up to enormous proportions,was hopefully appreciated. Fortunately, Will seems to have no feelings for myacting like a schmuck the last time we met. Either he's enormously generous,he understands what I meant to Martha at one point, or he understands what I waslikely going through. He seems to be a good guy, so while I still am a bitwisty over the whole thing, I hope they're very happy. It helps to have hada relationship in the meantime, even considering how it went.

Afterwards, we went to the reception, which was initially not the mostinteresting thing in the world (receptions tend to start slow), after the(tasty, mostly veggie-friendly) food was made available, it began to turn intoa .. well, party isn't the right word.. kind of mix between SFF social and arelatively tame party. I got to catch up with people I haven't seen forever,and found that still more people are planning to leave Columbus. This toucheson a general theme of the gathering, which I'll get to later. Once things weremore than halfway through, the dancing started, and I alternated betweendancing and talking with people (as tiredness permitted). I believe thatdancing, outside of a formal context, requires two things, with a third beingoptional -- energy, shamelessness, and perhaps a good sense of rhythm. Ihave all three, and so while my dances probably looked silly, I did have anenjoyable time, and also did some dancing with SFF-affiliated folk. I wasreminded a bit of the complex past/present interrelations between some of usby some of the conversations, a few of which were a bit sharp..

One generally interesting snippet of conversation I had with someone wasthe note that so many of Martha's ex-bfs were present at the wedding(with one notable exception). It was joked that that was probably why theceremony didn't include the question, "does anyone object to this wedding", inwhatever words it's phrased in.. and somewhat more seriously noted that thiswedding is a time to acknowledge a closing of a door, if not in the past fewmonths, then at least now. It's been noted by some of my friends in Pgh thatthese things are emotionally a bit weird, and that's certainly been true forme..

Little Bird, Little ChavalaI dont understand whats happening todayEverything is all a blur -- Fiddler on the Roof, Chava Ballet Sequence

On that note, along with unity, the normal theme for a wedding, seperationis the other theme I alluded to earlier. There's the acknowledgement of aclosed door, and then Martha and Will's moving out of the SFF sphere, outeast to philly. The move of others, like Kurt and perhaps Justin, away, andthe changing of a name... Things change.. and we, in SFF, had a good thing.SFF will probably live on.. but it pains me to feel that sense of loss.. ofchange. I haven't had my fill yet, and the bowl is being taken away..

And he looked, his staff of power had become but a stick, the castle hadbecome a row of rocks, the ending of the games, illusions strippedAnd so, where the world tree had been, he simply walked over the soft ground,raised his stick, and poked it into the ground, walking away. A new beginning,but not for him. Such is the way of gods.. imagination has been 90% of thetrick.

On Friday, before I left for Brecksville, I cancelled my DSL -- I'm likely toswitch over to Speakeasy or Telerama. Apparently Verizon doesn't want myDSLModem back, so Telerama's requiring of my having a DSLmodem isn't asexpensive as I might think.

Jason, in the area for a few weeks, is visiting my place for a few days.I'll be showing him around town.. unfortunately, I also have large blisterson my feet from all the dancing -- the shoes I wore were terrible fordancing. Ouch.

There're at least a few new things on my calendar -- there's going to be agathering in Columbus sometime soonish I'd like to go to, and there's alsoa road trip that I might join in on when it passes through Pittsburgh. Finally,
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I've added some more content to the private section after the fact. Not thatanyone presently can see beyond the veil... At some point, I'll make theprivate levels a bit more sophisticated so people can, on a per-user level,see things I mark as being for certain users/groups (ACLs?). Then again,nobody ever logs in, as far as I know, to my BLOG. *shrug*

I have a lot of ideas that I recorded using my voice recorder that I'll writeabout later -- I'm tired now. It's very very late.


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