Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Fulfilling Dream Promises

I am back from Columbus.

Wrapping up the trip:

  • I took a few more pictures
  • At Micro Center, I got a new laptop bag to replace my old, falling-apart one. I also picked up another 2G USB stick which was on sale for about $25 and a lego starwars game.
  • I failed to get a costume for Halloween at Outland.
  • I had a tasty lunch at Indian Oven (saw the owner, he still recognises me) and a tasty Bento at Bento Go-Go
  • I was reminded how horrible OSU football traffic is
Outland was fantastic - unlike last year's gothcoming which took place before their official opening, they had settled into the space and things were better arranged. Once the first DJ was done, the music rocked -- I danced pretty continually for about 3 hours. Given the time shift, there were two last-calls, which was kind of amusing. I also got chatty with two really cute girls, one of whom gave me her phone number. I'm not sure if there's much point in calling it given that I live so far away, but maybe I'll email her. It's frustrating that I seem to find cool people whenever I leave Pittsburgh - I don't know if I'm just more outgoing when I'm traveling, or if Pittsburgh is really horrible for dating. It's nice that Columbus has a really good goth/industrial club (and a better art scene) -- it might have been easier for me to get dates if I were still there. I guess this goes to show that unless I find love before then, I should probably close the book on Pittsburgh over the next year - someplace warmer, more cultural, or similar awaits.

I am sore (crazy amounts of dancing) and tired (driving), but am free again for any interesting social events.

The title of this entry references the fact that numerous people in my recent dreams have been disputing that Egypt is a fully sovereign country, and they made me promise to look it up on Wikipedia. I should note that this was asked in separate dreams over the last 3 days. Well, I looked it up, and it is indeed both fully sovereign and not part of the British Commonwealth. Now that I'm making promises to dream people and fulfilling them, I may classify as being insane. :)


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