Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Reluctance to Sing

Our distant ancestors, before the coming of anything even remotely likemodern times, I imagine probably had gatherings in their circle, thetrip sharing songs and ideas for amusement. This early playground of ideaswas likely very creative, people making up melodies, improvising on them,and as people moved from tribe to tribe, the music would slowly spreadthrough the populance. No doubt many aspects of life were uncomfortable, butthe idea of this seems very appealing to me.. to hear something, to adapt it,and to pass the ideas/songs along. This is part of the creative spirit that ispart of our species, more so than the modern creations of compensation (althoughthat too probably is partly derived from reciprocity). So, with this as theideal, played against the desire to be a walking billboard, how are we to thinkof people who sing popular music casually? Of course, they can't pass it aroundand modify it as we believe once was common -- the desire for profit, and thehigh population's push to make everything efficient (and incidentally bad) hasled this sharing to be stifled. The ideal, I think, is when people still feelthe creative urges that are in all of us, and create. Our creation is, mostimportantly, for ourself, not the good of society.

A thought on refactoring.. chunks of code have a texture.. when you cut afunction apart, if you cut along the grain, you leave few strands between,few parameters that need be passed across the new borders we draw. If you cutagainst the grain, you leave many strands.. only in software, though, can we goback and re-grain things sometimes.

Again, thanks to Google News, we can see how consistant news storiescan be. Look at this and this.

Tags: music, tech

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