Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dark Camping

I had another one of those 'dark world' dreams, this time that I was in acommunity house with a bunch of rather .. common folk, and that Ihad 2 little Iguanas again, and that I was cleaning their cage, addingmore water to it so they'd be swimming from log to log. I became worried whenI overfilled it and it looked like they could get out, especially as the guyliked keeping the doors/windows open to our house. I wandered around thearea.. probably with a goal, but now, I suspect, perhaps to just see more ofthe twisted architecture and society my asleep mind comes up with. Then again,maybe the sleeping mind doesn't work that way -- is smooth deceit part of one'sdreams? Deceit against an abstract system? Note that the 'deceit' I talk aboutis 'not letting the dream know we're dreaming, and exploring the dreamworldin the guise of a dreamer'. I then wonder if, in real life, we actually havesnippets of intention that remain in our memories telling us we've been doingthat, or if we instead reconstruct from value-event mismatch the most plausableexplanation, which often happens to be what we were really thinking.. Hey,taking it one step further, maybe this kind of phonomena isn't ever real at thetime, it's always reconstructed inaccurately afterwards. That would beinteresting..

Yesterday I learned that I find Star Wars music unintereseting, and irritatingin sufficient quantity. I was at a friend's house, and he had a CD of itplaying while we read some books from his (very interesting) collection. It wasvery predictable -- every few minutes, there'd be that damned Imperial Marchtheme, or the old Empire theme, or the main Starwars theme.. and it just wenton and on for the 50 minutes of CD there was.. And then he put on some musicinspired by StarWars... Oh well, at least the company and the books were good.I just hope not to hear any more Star Wars music again for awhile..

Speaking of music, I'm gonna put some on.. I've devoted a good part of today tocleaning... I might go rock climbing later, and maybe see a movie much later,but I want to get at least a few areas of my place really clean.



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