Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Broken Puzzle Pieces

Just one of those small, and hopefully interesting bits of life --when I have a number of empty CD cases or CDs without cases, and Imanage to match one, I often end up matching a whole chain of them.Why? Well, typically I'll find that a caseless CD actually has its casein the rack, and there's another CD in there that doesn't belong, sometimesmore than one, so almost always I end up making two matches when I make one.The computational aspects of this are amusing.

That, and I really love my shredder. I just love shredding all these olduseless bits of paper.. and as a plus, the shredded bits are more compact,or at least more nicely compactable into a trash can, than the originalpaper. w00t!

It's funny how cleaning so often ends up being a trip down memory lane..It's probably that we tend to value the larger things that make cleaningnontrivial -- nobody keeps a bit of lint from their 14th birthday, but theymight keep a handmade card from the cute boy/girl from Math class.


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