Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Rocky current

A fall down a dark staircase.. all the carefully crafted spells, nowinaccessible to him.. a different world, different rules.. years ofknowledge lost.. tears.. and then finally, as fingers run throughdust, old memories, the intuition long unused, replaced by knowledge,springs into action. A light touch on the fabric of reality, fingersdance.. "I can use this".. maybe the years wern't wasted after all..Abstraction flies into the night, like a coat on a model.

So, I may have given up another thing, but tonight, since my lastentry, I may have picked up some things that, given time, mightblossom into a solution to some of the problems. My life stilllacks enough good things for me to find stability and peace, butI have hope again.


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