Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Living without -v

I just woke up, and am disappointed -- last night, after working an 11 hourday, I made it home and took what I hoped was going to be a quick nap beforeheading to philosophy. I never seem to learn that, even if I set all thealarms in the world, I always turn them off and never remember doing so ifI'm sufficiently tired. The topic was going to be interesting too. Argh...It does make me curious though -- if there were a way to have an alarm clockthat would make me solve a puzzle, perhaps play tetris and clear 10 lines,before it would turn off, would that be enough to help me be awake to getup? Such a device should normally be plugged in, but should have a removablecord and a rechargable battery so I wouldn't be able to just unplug the thingto silence it, and should otherwise be pretty tamper proof.

As for setting things in motion, yesterday seemed to go rather well. NowI just need to wait for deliverance. When I get some time, there arethings I can do to prepare further for what I hope will happen.. perhapsthis weekend. When things are more sure, I can flip the verbose flag, andmake known what's going down in groove down, yo. :)

In science, the 'programming language' of DNA has a newly found operator.Here's a really funny bit of deadpan humour -- BushJr is a Persian agent?Apparently, we're going to see the source to Solaris, in some form.I'm not sure if much outside the kernel, the filesystem-related utilities,and some of the 'capabilities' subsystem will be interesting, but there islikely to be a lot of good stuff from those parts. Depending on the license,the code might not be useful to Linux, especially if there are patents involved.Likewise, Intel promises us the source to its next-generation PCBIOS. It promises to be more intuitively useful. On the other hand, I'm notsure if Intel's really driving the bus anymore WRT the x86 Architecture --it seems that a lot of people are buying AMD.Here's an interesting article on those intellectual property claimsyou might get in the footer if you get an email from stuffy companies.I came across a pointer to these folk, andthen found a bigger list. Like Britain, the U.S. also hasone of these.

Well, after that much sleep, I might as well start the day.


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