Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

No splinters

So, after about an hour of work, I now have a nice, small cabinet and a CDtower. I'll figure out what to put in the cabinet tomorrow, but it certainlylooks nice. I'm not entirely sure what to think about IKEA style though.Before we get to that, let's note a few things. IKEA isn't too expensive.Stuff acquired there is better than, say, Target, and in the areas whereTarget sells the same kind of thing as IKEA, IKEA's generally only a bitmore expensive. IKEA stuff is also fairly well-made. IKEA is a really funplace to shop -- they have a food court upstairs with all sorts of Swedishfoods, they have lots of small 'grab bag' items for sale, e.g. really cheapbatteries and power-saving bulbs. The layout of the store is really visuallyappealing, like walking through a medley of different houses. So what of theIKEA style? (pause for sleep at 03:5) (return from sleep at 10:26)Visually, IKEA products tend to be very simple-looking, contributing littleto visual clutter. The kind of stuff I buy from them tends to use a lightwood, light-coloured as well, and unpainted metal. It generally has a lookthat's very slightly modern-industrial (not Soviet-industrial, which isanother style I like*). IKEA stuff thus never will impress you with lookinglike something expensive, but it does perfectly position itself as beingsomewhere between fancy and cheap, and surrounded by more fancy things, itprobably would not impart much of its own flavour. So, IKEA style is uniquefor the U.S. -- it's nonpretensious and acquires its own slot between fancy andcheap by not trying to be fancy.

Say, this all reminds me of a former prized possession -- Jason and I, yearsago, each got a cool item at a yard sale, back when we both were living onNorthwood -- he got the most comfortable chair in the world, and I got agiant safe. I remember being unhappy at needing to leave that thing behind,but the thing was huge, and the one time I managed to get it into my car,the car sunk down on its suspension by a very noticable amount. I wonder whereit is now...

Anyhow, today's coming together -- Climbing, likely a movie, and then hangingout with K (maybe playing Badminton!). Next week, of course, promises to bevery .. *interesting*, if things go as I hope.


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