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The Dogs of War are Poodles

At Outland, there were contests of various sorts for costumes. One of them was for "most bloody", and the winner was a pair of people dressed up as JFK and Jackie, with one side of the head looking very much like it had been sniped, with gore artfully put on his and her suit in plausible patterns. It was amusing and tasteless. I wish Outland were in Pittsburgh...

It's that time of the (academic) year again -- time to decide what class to take next semester (or what two tiny classes to take). CMUites, please offer advice on both the ideas I have below and other classes I may have omitted.Things I'm thinking about:

  • 99-235 Intro to Kosher/Halal Foods - Taught by the professor whose open lecture on the topic I attended. It's done through distance learning. It lacks schedule times so far though..
  • 15-251 Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science - No idea what to expect from this, but given that I already have a CS degree and have learned much of what's taught in an undergraduate level here, this looks like a good candidate for possibly interesting random stuff. Anyone here who has taken this, please let me know what it's like -- is there labwork? What's taught? Is it elementary or high-level? I don't understand CMU's course numbering system, so I won't assume that it's an intro level class (any 200-level course at OSU is generally considered pretty introductory)
  • 93-766 - Hitchcock and his Films - No description. Maybe interesting?
  • 51-231 - Calligraphy I - Looks kind of neat, it's a night class too
  • 79-281 - Russian History, from Communism to Capitalism - This would likely depress me though..
  • 79-351 - Cold War in Documents and Film - Taught by a professor I really like from Russia, interesting topic
  • 90-742 - Seminar in Criminal Justice - A 3(!) hour class on mondays, no description
  • 90-752 - Rise of East Asian Economies - Similarly no description
So, what did I miss, and what should I take?

In digging up the registration for all of this, I noticed that CMU redid their website. It is now very pretty, but it is impossible to find anything.


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