Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Biles and Humours

Ahh, I just woke up, and apparently, my injuries are of the sort where it'sbetter the next morning, instead of worse. I wonder what the deciding factorin these things is. My knee is mostly recovered -- walking pinches a bit,but I can walk normally, and in general I'm just a bit sore. This is good --I'm not going to push it by rock climbing tonight, but I should be pretty muchok, I think.

I forgot to mail my rent. I probably should drive out there this morningbefore work. Sometimes I can be so forgetful. Oy.

Yesterday was definitely a day of beautiful people, at least for me. I sawthe really cute girl who works at the milk-kosher place in town run by whileI was waiting for the bus, and .. well, some obvious other sources of cuteness.Later in the day, I heard back from K, and we chatted about different waysmen and women tend to approach relationships, and how different things tend toattract both genders. I made a point that there are actually a lot of people whodon't fit these moulds, and that in many areas of the concept, some peoplereally see things a lot differently (furries?) than others. The terms'visually oriented' and 'not-visually oriented' were tossed around, as well asthe meaning of sex in relationships and friendships, and all that. Thesequantities are never binary -- there's always a scale of importance of variouscharacteristics that people assign to partners.

I'm placing my next order now.. a new Chumbawamba CD cameout that I'd like to have, called "Un" (you can download a medley of the songsfrom their site, if you can brave the poor navigation possible). Na klar, I'mgetting a few other items from my Amazon wishlist as well. In case you'reinterested, here's the whole order:

  • Un - Chumbawamba
  • Essential Works of Lenin - Lenin
  • Happiness of the Katakuris
  • The Revolution Betrayed - Leon Trotsky

I hope the Lenin/Trotsky translations are good -- unlike with Nietzsche (whichI can read in German anyhow), Sartre, and other well-know authors, my choicesof translations was pretty limited, and I'm by no means even remotely close tobeing up to reading Lenin or Trotsky in Russian. I could possibly, very slowly,sound out the words, but that's pretty much it :)

I think that when I tweak my BLOG to move to using a Wiki-type syntax, I'mgoing to extend the message/comment table to add a boolean new-style andold-style column, so I don't break old entries. Here's the syntaxsummary which I'll need to implement.

Much as I hate to do it at this time, I'm going to head out to Timbuktu thismorning to pay my rent so my landlord won't need to call and nag me (if I mailit, he almost certainly will, and rightly so).


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