Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bobbing to a beat, and it's not yours

I'm at Insomnia, and Karl is .. er.. at Coffee Tree... wow, with that slip,I think I see them being in a lot of ways the same... anyhow, Karl is playinghis guitar loudly, so I'm needing to put my earphone volume obscenely loudto get the environment I want to code...

I'm currently thinking about the work needed to move my BLOG to usingWikipedia-style markup instead of raw, barely-wrapped HTML. Naturally,I'm starting out with a test program. Right now, it doesn't do anytransformation at all, that function being a stub that returns thedata it was passed, but I at least know what will map, and what won't.

Sections/subsections are definitely in. I think I can also all ofthe text formatting. As for lists, I don't fully understand definitionallists -- I might not implement them, but the others should be fine.Links are going to need some reworking to make them work with a BLOGinstead of a wiki -- external links are straightforward, and I actuallywill probably add a nice schema handler so I can, say, stick in handlersfor certain kind of resources, like wikipedia, and not need to specifythe full URL to wikipedia in external links. Internal links are a bitdifferent -- I could use seperate pseudo-namespaces for certain things,like topics, and maybe have an 'entry' namespace so I could reference otherentries. That might work, and may in fact create code paths that I've beenthinking of making anyhow. Eventually, perhaps I'd add a default namespaceand actually turn POUND into a mixed blog/wiki engine, although that'd befar in the future, and might not be a direction I'd want to go. Hmm.

And, on another topic, exercises of power seem to be recent in my life --a submarine just surfaced, and the second touch, which I'll need to deliverpersonally (which also has a different, somewhat more institutional target),is just about ready for enactment. However, I almost seem to be regrettingthe second.. things have been getting better recently, or so I think, althoughperhaps only because I know that the curent situation won't exist for too long.It's hard to judge these things - dissatisfaction is such an ephemeral thing.Perhaps this week..

And hey, it's good to have friends. I'm doing well with building social tiesrecently. It sure would be a lot more fun to share the building of suchthings with someone else, but that'll likely happen in time. Someday, I think,I'll meet someone, and they'll have beauty and brains like ex#1 or ex#2,culture like #1, will challenge me like #2, hopefully a bit more sanitythan either when I dated them, and will genuinely enjoy making me happy, andwill be made happy by me. I think I believe again. I wonder if I've met themyet. I'm actually feeling pretty encouraged by things. The changes I've madeand am making in my life are paying off.

Tags: blog, love, wikipedia

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