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That was incredible. We first went to the local health-food supermarket,and she showed me the sane way to eat a healthy diet that's still gourmet.Like Debb, she's careful what she eats, and counts calories, but unlikeDebb, she does it right, enjoys food and maintains a healthy weight, ableto scoot it a few pounds up or down as she wants. We had really goodconversation about the field she's in, food, social psychology, and a numberof other things. She's an incredibly good cook, and showed me how to cook tofuand other foods into a very tasty, healthy dinner. As much as it irritates meto drive, I might brave the trip to Whole Foods more often toget ingredients. I got a chunk of Soy with some curry spices mixed in thatpromises to be good, some more Saag Paneer, some Chaumes, and other tastythings.

I keep thinking about trying to go back to eating meat, and I don't thinkit's going to happen -- I can eat pretty well the way I am now; if I eatenough soy, I'll sustain myself, and with enough protein, I can even presumablybuild muscle and get into shape, in time. I think partly I've just had thestereotypical attitude problem that geeks have, an anti-health attitude thatwas dumb. I'm free of that now, and I'm now free to indulge the .. yes, thepleasures of a more healthy life.. I once enjoyed running. I think I'm startingto enjoy it again. Paradoxically, the very thing that cured me of the attitudeproblem was keeping me from enacting the changes in my life to the extent thatI wanted, but I've emerged from that, and I'm cleared of all that stagnant setof ideas. It's kind of funny -- I can actually see and fully understand, giventhe way I used to think, that my typical geek dislike of exercise actuallystemmed from something entirely different -- my inability to accept a fact aboutmyself that I've long sinced learned to accept, actually thanks to Martha. So,as much as other aspects of me were twisted and hurt by aspects of my firstand second chosen, I owe both Debb and Martha a lot for untangling two aspectsof my psyche that were making my life less good than it can be. I find myselfwondering if there are other similar entanglements that I have yet to becured of. I guess I'm going to need to think about that for awhile.

Oh, today at work, the entire Computer Science network went down for quite sometime. As I got impatient and left for home, I saw an unusual number of geekswalking the halls of the buildings. Some of them looked like they really didn'tleave their offices very often. Yeh, we're a strange lot.


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