Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Ess, Trink, und nie Vergess

Music: 10000 Maniacs - These are the Days

Prenostalgia... Tom Lehrer jokes about it, but in a sense, the comingchange is always the freshest lettuce, when memories are new, it'seasiest to look at now, and see the wrapping up of things, and thinkwhat they'll mean when they're gone. The lab meeting, all these peoplethat have come to mean something to me, and the wind washes over it all,smudges what was perfectly clear, in time. When you see a statue in apark, a painting in a museum, we come to respect the antiquity, but theoriginal is so distant. All the smiles and struggles, how the injurycoalesces into a scar and a thought, which may eventually fade.. howquickly the lipstick on the neck and the faint crumple on the skin leftby a hug disappear. The present moment always beckons, the personalitysurvives. I held the empty water bottle up, and could feel it vibrateto the sound of the speaker's voice. Memory, a resonance.. It is timeto make new patterns..

I'm not really walking out the door alone -- a few other people areleaving or have recently left the lab (graduated).


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