Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Real Plastic Trees

Today was an active day. We had a bunch of people rock climbing, and I thinkI've climbed better than I have in a long time, finally climbing the reverseincline walls, and tackling every overhang I attacked. I thought about it, anddecided to get the year's membership -- considering how often I climb, I thinkit's pretty likely it'll pay for itself, and I've been doing this long enoughthat I don't think I'm likely to lose interest. Of course, I was moderatelycertain when I got the gear, but membership is $320/yr, and going is $10/day.After climbing, we went to Milky Way, grabbed some food (the cute girl whoworks there wan't around), and went to the park to eat it, nap in the sun,and otherwise have a good time. Later, I walked home, cleaned up, and thenwent running with K at the nature centre. Apparently, my health really must begetting better -- after rock climbing for a few hours, I ran three miles and,while a bit tired, probably could've kept on going for awhile. Booyah.

Instead, I'm relaxing at the Tree. Booyah.


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