Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Law of Deodorant Accumulation

Introducing Pat's Law of Deodorant AccumulationAny purse, backpack, or similar item will continue to accumulate deodorantsticks until one is easily found in every compartment. Last night I foundtwo sticks in my laptop bag, and on a deeper search, found 4 in there.

So, the new Chumbawamba CD is good. It has a lot of tracks I really like,and only a few that are duds. It's served me good company in these roughtimes.. rough not because of emotional things (although tonight I put twomemories together and found another lie Debb was telling me.. argh,need to stop thinking of that kinda thing), but rather because I have anaddiction, and it's not being met. As mentioned before, I have no internetat home right now (although Speakeasy looks like it's moving a lot fasterthan Verizon at getting things moving towards it being set up). Last night,I woke the slumbering old ones and used them to hold my laptop's brain whileI reformatted it and upgraded it to Fedora 2. It took a LOOOONG time. So,Pat was without computer, without internet, and felt like a bee without itshive. Only now did I finally get wireless ethernet working (I needed to downloadnew versions of Linuxant driverloader and the windows drivers to make the kernelhappy), so I'm at work, because sans wireless, I need an ethernet connectionto get on (so Coffee Tree wouldn't've done the job -- chicken and egg). Anyhow,apart from no internet at home (which is painful), things are good again in mydigital life, in fact, better than ever. Fedora 2 is working a lot more smoothlythan Fedora 1 did -- I think largely because the 2.6 kernel understands myhardware better than the 2.4+backports kernel did. Sound support is much betterwith ALSA than it was with OSS (the mixer settings finally make sense, andoutput quality appears to be higher), and video seems to be faster (I think theAGP acceleration wasn't working right for my card on 2.4). I have no gotchasto report yet.

I did just get back from rock climbing, and unfortunately, partway through Iappear to have hurt my right shoulder -- it feels like there's a pinchsomewhere when I rotate it upwards, so I stopped climbing and only did belaying.Hopefully it'll be good by this weekend. When I get home, I'm going to ice it..

Today I also checked out my new office, met some of the coworkers, and set upa wiki to aid in knowledge transfer/retension/building. Uck, that sounds sobusinesslike when I say it that way. *cough* I set up the wiki to help peoplekeep useful information around, and to encourage them to share it with others.That's better. Anyhow, unlike my present job, my new job gave me 6 or 7(!) keysto keep track of. That's going to be confusing.

Anyhow, while I do have some things queued up to talk about that I've beenthinking about recently, I'm tired right now, and actually have a lot ofhousekeeping to do to get my laptop configured as it was before.. If any ofmy Pgh friends are reading this, give me a call -- I think I'd like to eithergo for a walk or maybe do Eat'n'Park sometime late tonight. Time for me tohead home..


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