Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Forced Shadow Motions

I now have DSL at home again. To my surprise, Speakeasy isn't usingPPPoE or DHCP to hand out the static IP that I have. While I can'tcontrol the reverse-IP mapping, I was happily able to give my homesystems a hostname in my domain. Speakeasy feels a bit different thanVerizon did -- I'm not certain exactly how to classify it, but theconnection dynamic is changed. Computer geeks can usually tell when asystem is about to crash by the pauses the computer makes, the frequencyand source of them, and a number of other subtle things that may appearsuperficially similar to when a system is just temporarily bogged down.That fine-tuned sense also makes modems, cable, LANs, T1s, and DSL allfeel different.

Yesterday I again saw the cute girl that works at Milky Way, and noticedsomething about her face -- it's kind of a composite of two faces/people Ialso find attractive, namely Debb (who has a beautiful face with mostlySemitic and a touch of German or Polish features) and G, who has a reallypretty face with mostly Gaelic features. I have noticed that the way thatpeople parse faces appears to vary a lot between people -- I think thisaccounts for why a lot of people have a tough time differentiating betweenpeople of very different ethnicities, e.g. why Americans have a tough timeseeing the most obvious differences between two Japanese. Because peopledon't need to communicate facial impressions that often, instead justdeveloping their own classifications to get by in life, there's a looseconvergence in the systems they use, instead of a strong convergence inthe way people organize their thoughts in the local language. I, for example,might notice the shape of the skin around the eyes, nose width, skin tone,and variations in head width, while someone else might notice nose height,facial hair, skin tone, and chin shape, and so depending on two faces, we mightdecide differently on if they look alike or different. This seems to happenpretty often for me.

Arafat says he'll try to create/maintain a public order in areas whereIsrael is withdrawing. This will be an interesting test of the strengthof his coalition within what I'm sure is a very complex political situation.I've been reading a bit about Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi Ba'ath partyunder his control. For a leader in what I consider the backwards area of theworld, Saddam didn't seem to be that bad. Na klar, some people don'thave any excuse, being from a relatively civilized place where expectationsshould be higher.

China has apparently decided that Wikipedia is too much of a threatto public order, and has firewalled it. This is unfortunate.

Finally, I now have the numbers on my blood tests, and they've movedtowards better health. My total cholesterol is 175, HDL 40 (35 at last test),LDL 120 (133 last). According to a few websites, I'm doing pretty well, althoughbecause they've changed quite a bit over the last few years, my doctor wantsto keep an eye on it and do another test in 6 months. Combined with myheart rate, which is continuing to drop nicely, I'm largely happy with myhealth. Hurrah.

I'm not sure how I'm going to spend today -- I might do some light rockclimbing or have a nice run before the 'dinner party'.

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