Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Forcing the Puzzle

I just got back from a Nightmeal with Dan and Jess. It was fun... I realizeagain though that occasionally my brain puts things together in verydifferent ways than most people, and when this happens, it often leads toodd parts of conversation. Actually, this happens more often than you'dthink. I'm not really certain why, and wonder if it happens to me morethan it does to most people. Anyhow, chances are pretty good that, unlesssomeone comes to visit me this weekend, I'll have something to do onSaturday night.

In other notes, a friend is now in the early stages of a new relationship,and I'm happy for him. He suggested I ask out a particular someone else,but I just don't think that other person is my type. I'm pretty pickythough.

The deep thought for now is a reflection on my recent reading, and a challengefor Marxism. Marx suggests that as communism is incredibly more productivethan capitalism (in human capital), people will not need to work as much toproduce a surplus of goods, and so there will be no institutional or stateforcing of people to work as work is intermixed with more leisure. This, onthe face of things, seems plausible. The problem, or question, I see is thatnormally Capitalism, when an area becomes efficient enough that fewer peopleare needed for task X, forces them to a new focus of labour through pricepressures. How then would Communism deal with such labour shifts astechnology develops? Would it suggest a mix of leisure and swapping labour to aless-advanced field? I have several similar questions...


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