Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Deboned Tofu

UPS pretty much wasted most of my day yesterday. They finally came some timeafter they were supposed to stop making deliveries.. but on the upside, Ido have my new Cellphone, and after about half an hour, I had all thephone numbers and preferences copied. I also now have a car-based charger,which is pretty handy. As I was copying the numbers, I was thinking how wealways leave little cookie-crumbs of information whenever we do something..For example, I transferred the phone numbers in alphabetical order, butentries also have numbers corrisponding to when they were entered. I changedthe name of the entry that was HOME to PARENTS, and this change, and thecorrisponding change in perspective since I originally got the originalphone, could be deduced from the disparity between the ordering of the newnames and the numbering of the new names, and in fact, the original namecould be reasonably inferred from that. I imagine, if we were to invite themost careful inspectors into our lives, they might be very good at noticingthese very small things, learning from my phone that over the three yearssince I got my original phone I've moved from thinking of my parents placeas being some sort of a home base to no longer thinking that way. It wouldactually be interesting to hear said inspectors' report, and their reasoningbehind conclusions.

One of my sisters is likely coming to visit this weekend. Frank and Yui arefinally leaving the family, to a good new set of parents.

Last night, while rock climbing, I found that I can actually do a number offull-extension pull-ups (not in a row), although it's rather tiring for me.Still, this is a good thing. I also found that, because of an oops thathappened 2 climbs ago while I was being lowered from a climb, I now appearto have fear reactions to the lowering part. It sucks, and it's also reallyweird being able to analyze it. I always had an intuition, perhaps from readingtoo much Freud, that understanding the nature of a fear would be sufficient,for me, to eliminate it. Not the case.. It's funny how the 'natural' view wehave of self can be so wrong sometimes..


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