Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Open Restaurants

I just got back from lunch, having tried the Indica Indian Bistroat 257 North Craig. It was a fine example of the way more restaurantsshould be managed. Relative to CMU campus, it's a moderate hike, almostas far as India Garden. Set in what presumably was a house at some point,the atmosphere is very open, with very little dividing the waiters and thediners. They had a buffet, but I went instead with Paneer Kadai. The foodwas very good, although the sides wern't as described on the menu. The sauceon the meal was incredibly tasty, and I surprisingly didn't mind the peppersand onions that accompanied the Paneer chunks. Because of the layout of theroom, the waiters were able to tell precisely when my water needed refillingor when I had finished with each part, which was very nice. The place wasa bit upscale -- I'm glad I wore one of my decent jackets there. Menu selectionwasn't as wide as I've seen at other Indian places (17 entrees), but therewas ample variety, I suspect, for most people. Prices were higher than Inormally like to pay for a meal, so I won't be going there every day, but Idefinitely will be going there as an occasional treat. It's a good place.

While walking back, I read the following interesting paragraph from Trotsky'sbook..

The destiny of the state-appropriated means of production will be decided in thelong run according as these differences in personal existence evolve in onedirection or the other. If a ship is declared collective property, but thepassengers continue to be devided into first, second, and third class, it isclear that, for the third-class passengers, differences in the conditions oflife will have infinitely more importance than the juridical change inproprietorship. The first-class passengers, on the other hand, will propound,together with their coffee and cigars, the thought that collective ownereshipis everything and a comfortable cabin nothing at all. Antagonisms growing outof this may will explode the unstable collective.


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