Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Free Wont

Ahh, a neat thing to find -- my laptop, thanks either to the new soundsystem in kernel 2.6 or the new version of flash, actually displaysflash content pretty well. Hurrah.

Yahoo broke GAIM compatibility again. It'll probably befixed soon though..

Today, in the philosopy group I'm in, we talked about causation, in particularhow we can identify it and what it is. Two interesting subdiscussions -- first,can we identify causality that, while narratively or episodically progressingfrom past to future, not doing so in a global time sense. I brought an exampleof some things I read about in physics journals, and the theoretical notion oftime travel was also discussed. Secondly, we distinguished different kinds ofcausal beliefs, and the relationship between joint caused events and a causesb events. Regretfully, I forgot to mention something that I talked aboutat lunch today with my lunch companion -- predisposition that's not strongenough to be a cause ... we then talked about personality types, and of coursefree will. I think I had my most coherent yet description of the spiritualnotions of free will, creativity, and choice, which I'm all in favour ofstomping out. One companion offered alternate definitions for them which,while I felt were strange, were not incompatible with materialism. It was areally long and interesting discussion that, alas, I don't recall all thedetails of. We closed the discussion after a moderate-length topic ofgenetics and the destiny of the human race.

Another advance in materials science: Amorphous steel...



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