Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Blood Tires

Today, on the way to work, I saw that one of my friends.. well, one of thefuzzy critters I normally see on the way to work, was lying on the side of theroad, killed by traffic. It's very depressing. It's not like its any particularperson's fault -- the driver likely can't react fast enough to avoid hittingthem, and the critters can't be blamed for entering the road -- they have nounderstanding, no instinct about cars and roads that interfere in nature'sdomain. It would be good if there were some kind of barrier that surroundedroads that kept them safe from other animals (and pedestrians). Somethingcould be done.. to stop the kind of horrific thing I saw today... I wasn'treally sure what I could do.. except spill tears for the poor little guy.

I've noticed that since I've moved to psychology from .. well, what wasessentially a computer-science field, I actually look at myself differently --I've lost some of my geek, appearancewise, perhaps, or maybe it's justperspective. Still, I do feel kind of a sense of seperation, and an urgeto be better dressed.. or perhaps that's caused by another factor. As soonas I can train myself to always use the pant tie to keep the right leg on mypants from being eaten by my bike, I'm planning on getting a new wardrobe..same general style, nicer without being yuppie, and I'm hoping I can convincemyself to take good care of the new clothes. I'm also hoping to make somesmall changes in the style of my apartment, making it neater, less cluttered,and more elegant. This appears to be another milestone in changes in my life,a move from the messy-functional preferred arrangement of things more fullytowards a stylish and clean look. Sometimes one picks up habits from knowingsomeone, and sometimes one picks up the opposite. :)

Another thought -- regardless of how I judge communism as a system, an analysisof history shows strongly that global capitalism has been the cause of warsand many abuses, and that it must be fought. What makes for a suitablereplacement is a tricky issue. Nietzsche celebrates the power relations, butsays little about how society is to be ordered -- in their aid or just any waythat proves convenient. Marx suggests an improved social system that reduces theburden of labour and increases its efficiency enough to provide plenty,eliminating most power relations. There are many other grand visions possible..and change is indeed possible, as Trotsky, Lenin, and friends have shown us..And, Marx gives us a banner, that it is part of the proper realm of philosophyto think of practical problems.

A few tweaks on the nose of endings.. I recently got a raise notice in the mail.. for my old job.. which I won't actually recieve because of the timing. Also,we had a really neat lab meeting today, my last, where a guest speaker talkedabout tissue regeneration. But that's the nature of things.. :)Things change. Unless you make an effort, you'll eventually be washed fromsomeone's beach to someplace new.


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