Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Salt Cocktail

Today, I spent most of the day with N, whose weekend plans didn't work outas expected. The Moore film, F-911, was .. over the top and not fair, butin many places looked to be accurate, and certainly was worth seeing. Includedwas rock climbing, which went well (she's naturally a good climber, beingso light and in good shape), some shopping (I got a Badminton set to playwith K and whoever else might be convinced to play), and finishing with atrip to the Beehive, a place that combines various cool things from coffeeshopsI used to like in Columbus -- the Artsyness of Victoria's Midnight Cafe,with some of the grunge oddity of Insomnia, and .. well, a new element,some computers and a decent selection of food. I like the place -- too badit's so far away. I *might* remember how to get there by car -- I'm goingto try biking there sometime. Anyhow, again I'm reminded by how strangelysimilar N and I see the world in some of the ways I'm most unique.

Having my sister visit was also fun. We went to IKEA, got some trinkets,and hung out at the tree for a bit. Hurrah.And now, after a nice, fun weekend, I am tired. Zzzz


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